EN – Tsim Sha Tsui

Japanese Izakaya with an ambience closest to home.

Popular for its Okinawa dishes, grilled yakitori, fresh sashimi, and wide variety of awamori and sake.

We selected special ingredients like Bitter Gourd, Sea Grapes, Pork, chicken etc…

And almost all ingredients come to restaurant from Okinawa directly,

which mean we’re serving very fresh and local foods to every customer.

You can enjoy the Okinawa traditional local cuisine in Hong Kong.

Don’t miss our another signature dishes

“Miyazaki Wagyu Beef / Okinawa Pork / Crab Hot Pot All You Can Eat”

“Miyazaki Wagyu Beef”- Premium Japanese Wagyu Beef

Famous for its tender and soft texture, beautiful marbled meat.

Please have a wonderful dinner with family, friends, or colleagues at EN.


  • Okinawa Wagyu Beef, Pork and Crab Shabu Shabu
    All You Can Eat
  • Daily Fresh Fish from Japan
    $Market Price
  • 9 Kinds of Sashimi Platter
  • Lightly Grilled Okinawa Wagyu Beef Tataki
  • Sea Grapes


  • Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Pork
  • Smoked Pork Knuckles
  • Skeweres Platter (7 Sticks)
  • Okinawa Pork Dumpling
  • Home-made Peanut Flavored Tofu
  • EN Seafood Salad
  • Ishigaki Beef Croquette (2pcs)
  • Fired Okinawa Noodle with Squid Ink


  • Suntory The Premium Malt’s Mega Draft Beer
  • Suntory Mega High Ball
  • Japanese Sake
  • Shochu
  • Okinawa Awamori
  • Soft Drink



Tel : 3428 2500

1/F, Golden Dragon Centre,

38-40 Cameron Road,

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Opening Hour:

Dinner 18:00 – 02:00am