An izakaya with a cozy yet traditional interior that serves home made Japanese & Okinawa dishes, with over 100 types awamori and Sake, shochu selections.
Goya Champuru, Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Okinawa Pork, is the most famous dishes in Okinawa, and also our signature dishes.
We import many Okinawa typical ingredients like Goya (bitter gourd), Sea Grapes, Mozuku (Seaweed) etc from Okinawa directly, so we serve authentic Okinawa cuisine for you.
Bar table is very suit for couple, and private room is good for Company’s dinner.

Big Campaign

August 2018
Popular dish + Popular Sake
Set price 40% OFF!
There are Dassai, Yamazaki Plum Wine,
Hokkaido Uni and Wagyu…
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Tel : 3580 8858

12/F., Circle Tower,

28 Tang Lung Street,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


18:00 – 26:00

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